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Jacob The Jeweler makes the biggest impression
Jacob & Co., originally made popular by designing one-of-a-kind pieces for rap superstarsand receiving mention in more than 60 rap songs because of it'has a following around the world. Priding themselves on being one of the most sought-after brands in the jewelry market, they are always pushing creativity to another level. At this year's Antiquorum auction of "Important Collectors' Wristwatches, Pocket Watches, Clocks, and Horological Tools", it was Jacob & Co. that made the biggest impression, and left with an enormous amount in sales. Two timepieces in particular made an impression at this prestigious sale.

Mens Diamond Rings at
Who said that jewelry just for women? Stylish jewelry made of gold for men are a completely separate chapter of the poem about good taste. Of course, the strong sex is not as wide a choice, but something still is. Men's Diamond Jewelry traditionally include: bracelets, chains, men's diamond rings and signets of gold rings.

Diamond Watch - Luxury items Twilight Eclipse Style
Diamond Watches have and always will be the essence of prestige and sophistication. Being a proud owner of a Diamond Watch is the declaration of class, style and the iconic celebrity status. You've seen the stars donning Diamond Watches at such events as the Oscars, Grammy's and MTV Movie Awards. It is time to achieve your own Hollywood glamour with a Diamond Watch from

Diamond Watches from are gaining popularity
Nowadays, everyone is trying to show off their accessories whether it is bracelet, necklace or  a diamond watch. With everyone wanting to grab the attention, diamond watches from are gaining popularity. These diamond watches help make a first impression on anybody. So many beautiful designs are now present to showcase your attitude. The designs of diamond watch as well as of diamond jewelry are very popular in men and women circuit.

Kevin Jonas's Engagement Ring by Jacob the Jeweler
Jacob the Jeweler had designed this three-carat cushion-cut diamond set in platinum above double shank band with 210 round pave diamonds (pictured here), according to Angela Arabo, Jacob & Co vice president, who worked with Kevin to design the ring. The star 'had done his homework,' Arabo said. 'He knew exactly what he wanted.' The two collaborated over the phone and email. 'When he got the ring, he called me and said it was the most beautiful ring and it was exactly how he imagined. He was really excited. He couldn't wait to propose to her.' Kevin Jonas, 21, proposed to Deleasa, 22, surprising her at her doorstep early on Wednesday morning - flying overnight after a Jonas Brothers concert in Vancouver.

Diamond Summer
Finally the summer is here. After we warmed up to the rays of the warm sun we now have an opportunity to throw off the warm clothes and show passersby our diamond watches and diamond jewelry in all its glory!

Indulge yourself... Why not?
Today diamonds are not the privilege of the top 5%, they bring joy to many more people. Rings and other pieces of jewelry with diamonds of varied weight and value are regularly sold throughout the world to people of various income and social position. And for those who want everything in their life to be functional there is a practical way of wearing diamonds, and it is getting a diamond watch.

David Bechkam wears Jacob & Co. Diamond Watch

International sports and fashion icon, David Beckham, wears Jacob & Co's Epic II diamond watch In the world of fine timepieces or diamond watches, Jacob & Co. stands out as one of the most dynamic and innovative. The pioneering spirit that made founder, Jacob Arabo, aka jacob the jeweler, the jeweler of choice for the world's most famous personalities, and enabled him to revolutionize the jewelry industry, is evident in every one of the brand's exceptional timepieces. With the introduction of his Five Time Zone collection in 2002, Jacob launched his signature style that is now recognized around the world. A unique combination of state-of-the-art multiple time zone technology and bold primary colors, the timepiece was inspired by the fast-paced, international lifestyles of his jet-set clients. And it quickly became a favorite of celebrities such as David Beckham, Bono, Justin Timberlake, Sean Combs and Karl Lagerfeld.

Time to measure and treasure
Modern requirements say a watch must be both precise and beautiful. For this reason not only watch-makers, but also designers and jewelers are involved in their creation. Alongside with basic inexpensive models, watches are made of gold, silver, platinum, decorated with gemstones. Quite a popular trend is diamond watches.

Stand out from the crowd!
Get a luxurious accessory, such as an expensive bag or a watch. Personally I do not like watches of gold; I opted for a diamond watch . Don't say it's too expensive and you are not a millionaire, search the web for some collections and you will find out that Joe Rodeo watches, for example vary in price from $175 to $4000..

Iced Times Presents the Gucci Watches Line
The name Gucci is synonymous with luxury and opulence, a brand that has defined the designer world from clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and watches. Iced Times is proud to present a new line of Gucci Watches to its already wide selection of luxury jewelry and watches. The new line of Gucci Watches span the range of genres, styles, materials and prices; so whatever your need Iced Times can provide you with a beautiful high quality Gucci Watch that will look divine one your wrist.

Dress Yourself in Elegance with Marc Ecko Watches

They say that what a person wears defines them and if that is true what does it say about a person who wears designer jewelry and watches? When a person wears designer luxury jewelry and watches it speaks of the person sense of style, of their discerning shopping habits and of the status. This same sense of style and status can be found with Iced Times, a leading retailer for all things designer with luxury. When you think of Iced Times you think of luxury, quality, sophistication and stylish design. This same reputation has been envisioned in the new Marc Ecko Watches which are a recent addition to the Iced Times line of designer jewelry and watches. The sophisticated Marc Ecko Watches are the epitome of luxury and design that will enhance any person's wardrobe whether they dress to-the-nines or with a casual elegance.


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