Stand out from the crowd!

Stand out from the crowd! Decades ago there were no metropolitan cities; centuries ago people used to live mostly in small settlements, having enough personal space and relatively few people around. These were places where everybody knew everybody, so there was little need for attracting attention to your persona, because you had time and space to be able to speak out, and your neighbours knew who you were without additional "decorations".

Everything has changed now. Cities, big cities, metropolitan areas attract huge crowds, and as a result, these territories (quite limited, let's admit) have to accumulate a great number of inhabitants, living in sky-scrapers or many-storied buildings, practically walking on each other's heads. What is one human being in a huge crowd? Who can guarantee that they at least see you, and not look through you making their way somewhere? If you want to be noticed you just have no other option but to stand out from the crowd. It's up to you to work out your own plan for that. I, personally, like the following strategies:

* Find an activity that makes you feel special (watching TV series doesn't count! for me it's belly dance and singing, for instance), this will also help you to find new friends who share your passion.

* When you shop for clothes, choose vivid colours, do not try to hide yourself from the world wearing something dark and shapeless all the time. This will teach you to enjoy other people's looks. Though for me the process was quite long and difficult, I should say! But it's definitely worth trying.

* At least from time to time let your skin feel cherished, treat yourself with top quality cosmetics. You will notice the result not only on your skin, but also in your mind and soul.

* Get a luxurious accessory, such as an expensive bag or a watch. Personally I do not like watches of gold; I opted for a diamond watch. Don't say it's too expensive and you are not a millionaire, search the web for some collections and you will find out that Joe Rodeo watches, for example vary in price from $175 to $4000. Each Joe Rodeo watch, whatever its price is, is a sample of perfect taste - that's the conclusion I made after studying several web sites. My favourite is the Sahara model, it really attracts everybody's attention by its unusual shape (something like a heart, but not the one you see everywhere), delicate design and little sparkling diamonds. It was a brave action for me to get a Joe Rodeo diamond watch, it was something I had never done before, and the feeling it gave me was absolutely special. "You are worth it!" I kept telling myself. I was lucky that my husband supported me in my decision! Finally my whole self believed this simple truth that expensive things such as diamond watches or luxury cosmetics are meant not only for the wealthiest, but also for people who want to boost their self-esteem and learn to stand out from the crowd.

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