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People have been attracted to diamonds for ages. Sparkling with all colours they still stay clear like a drop of water, speaking of purity, power and the power of purity. It is a traditional adornment of royal crowns. A diamond is said to be the light of the Sun which condensed on Earth and was frozen with time Today diamonds are not the privilege of the top 5%, they bring joy to many more people. Rings and other pieces of jewelry with diamonds of varied weight and value are regularly sold throughout the world to people of various income and social position. And for those who want everything in their life to be functional there is a practical way of wearing diamonds, and it is getting a diamond watch. There are several good reasons for doing this. The most obvious one is that an expensive model can become both a vivid demonstration of your prosperity and an excellent, safe and reliable way of investing money. Then, diamond watches by the best designers working in this field (for example, by Joe Rodeo) are created with careful consideration of requirements of fashion and good taste, so they will always emphasize your style. But there is something even deeper, even more intimate. Buying a diamond watch (or any luxury accessory) means demonstrating how much you value and respect yourself or the one you love. Demonstrating to yourself, not to the world! We do know this is not about showing off at all. Buying an expensive thing, you buy the feeling of confidence. (Having this little thing on your wrist and in a bank safe are different kinds of confidence, aren't they? Choose the one that suits you best!) Today diamond watches come at a variety of prices, depending mostly on the size and value of the diamonds used. Many of them are quite affordable, even if they are produced by a world famous company. For example, you can get some models of Joe Rodeo watches for as little as $175 (at and - a watch doesn't have to be the most expensive model to win your heart! Just find several minutes to look at the collection of Joe Rodeo diamond watches. You will get immense pleasure exploring the designer's fantasy as the watches come in an amazing variety of colours, shapes and styles. Each Joe Rodeo watch is a work of art with its own spirit and character. Prices vary greatly as well, inviting everybody to join the world of style and fashion, to reward yourself with a token of self-esteem. Cast a glance at your wrist - it's there, always with you, once and for good, encouraging you to step into bright and colourful life. And to make sure the world around you meets your needs and expectations with the same perfect accuracy and exceptional beauty as a diamond watch by the leading manufacturer.

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