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$$485.75In stockLuxury Watches \ Officana Del Tempo WatchesOT1030/1221NBN

Officina Del Tempo

Officina Del Tempo Luxury Wrist Watch OT1030/1221NBN 49mm

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Officina Del Tempo

Officina Del Tempo

Officina Del Tempo Luxury Wrist Watch OT1030/1221NBN 49mm

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Item #: OT1030/1221NBN

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Item spec
ConditionBrand New
Model No.OT1030/1221NBN
Case Size49mm
Water Resistance100 Meters / 330 Meters
Warranty2 Year IcedTime.com
Item #OT1030/1221NBN
BrandOfficina Del Tempo


See a beautiful diamond watch or a jewelry on our site you'd like to buy but just don't have all the money right now? We can help by offering you our FREE layaway plan. Just give us a toll-free call on 1-877-577-TIME or send us an email to [email protected] and we'll be glad to take your order. All you need to do is put down 20% down payment and we'll mark the item sold, hold it for you so you can finish paying for it until it's paid for. We'll send you a receipt for each payment you make. NO FINANCE CHARGES from us saves you a lot.IcedTime.com is committed to providing wholesale prices on designer diamond watches and jewelry. By setting up special contacts with the manufacturers, newly released watch pieces are quickly exposed to the market, gauging consumer preference, and fashion - thereby creating a stable niche and market share in an ever changing and evolving world of fashion. With Icedtime.com you never have to wait for a sale! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Product Description

Officina Del Tempo - Power - 49mm Chronograph OS21 Black PVD - Blue - LUMICRON w/gel band - 49-52 x 55 mm 316L stainless steel with black PVD round case made of five parts: 316L stainless steel round bezel with polished finishing in black PVD fixed to the carrure with 4 screws; stainless steel carrure with brushed finishing; stainless steel laser engraved case-back with screw lock; stainless steel customized crown with engraved logo; stainless steel pushers with protection slide guide. High transparency flat mineral glass assembled to the case through an o-ring. The dial is realized on two different levels. The indexes are obtained cutting the upper level of the dial and are provided with Superluminova. The applied Arab numerals are placed at 6 and 12 or clock position and the minute and sets of five ring is externally placed. Everything is made with Superluminova. The big chrono counters are characterized by an external border which is realized cutting the upper level of the dial and are also made with Superluminova granting high visibility even at night. The big hands are provided with Superluminova. The 28/20 mm genuine Italian leather alligator patterned strap with soft leather lining or 28/22 mm anti-allergic, extremely soft and resistant gel band is linked to the case with a screw pin and is provided with a stainless steel customized buckle. OS21 calibre quartz movement with date window between 4 and 5 or clock. 100 mt. water resistance. Each watch component is completely designed by the company and the watch is provided with an ornamental patent. Each timepiece is numbered and it is a MADE IN ITALY product since it is entirely realized in the extremely modern internal laboratory, which is equipped with the most sophisticated horology technical machineries. The watch comes complete with a prestigious box

Additional Info

The Timeless Elegance of Luxury Watches

Watches have always been a symbol of success.In days of old it was the select few who held positions of esteem in society, who would proudly wear a pocket watch on its beautiful chain.

The wrist watch has however overtaken the pocket watch in popularity, though a pocket watch makes a statement all of its own.

As the world progresses, the watch has become more commonplace and is mass produced.But then there are watches, and there are watches!

Whenever you think of Luxury Diamond Watches you automatically think of Swiss made watches that are noted for their fine craftsmanship, high quality of material used, and most importantly, they keep impeccable time whether it be mechanical, or working on quartz vibrations or electronic pulses. However, Italian and French manufacturers of Luxury Watches are not very far behind.

As far as Swiss watches are concerned, the story goes that in the 16th century the Huguenots, who were followers of the religious leader Jean Calvin fled from persecution in France for the safety of the Alps near Geneva.There, Jean Calvin played a pivotal role in banning the wearing of Jewelry.Watches however, were allowed as being of practical use. And so the Huguenot watchmakers teamed up with the Geneva Jewelers and goldsmiths to circumvent this by creating spectacular time pieces to adorn the wearer who felt deprived by this decree.

There’s nothing like a luxury watch on your wrist to make a clear statement of your success.Be it Watches for Men or Women, there’s a veritable Smorgasbord of watches available in this genre to cater to the varied tastes and demands of the discerning collector. A luxury watch completes every designer outfit, whether for men or for women.Many fashion designers have now brought out their own brands of Luxury Watches.

A Luxury Watch is much more than just a means of telling time.It makes a definite statement about the person wearing it. Owning and wearing one is a status symbol. It signifies Success, Class and Discernment.A Luxury Watch is a collectible, handed down from generation to generation, as its value increases with the passing of time,

There are Diamond Watches to meet every taste and the value increases with the increasing number of functions it performs besides telling the time, most common of which would be perpetual calendars.Of course, watches made of precious metals embellished with Diamonds or other precious Stones are also very valuable.

Then there are the Sports Luxury Watches for Yachtsmen that measure the force of the tides and currents based on the moons Phases.There are also Watches to cater to the needs Speed Aficionados and those sought after by pilots for their aeronautic designs.

So if you have a specific interest that needs to be catered to, or are just looking for a fashion statement, there’s something available for every one of you, whether it be a sleek understated elegant time piece or that flashy jewel encrusted beauty to compliment you.

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Officina Del Tempo Luxury Wrist Watch OT1030/1221NBN 49mm

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The Timeless Elegance of Luxury Watches

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